Hailing from Somerset, Wisconsin, the boys of Antistar have known each other since conception. Beating around the bush (and other bands), they eventually came together to form the band. Conceived by a ménage-a-trios, Antistar is the love child of Rammstein, Deftones and The Doors. The boys state that the stage charisma and lyrical content the band possesses today is largely influenced by both Rammstein and Faith No More.

Antistar chose to mirror and not duplicate each of their idol’s work by taking equal part in the consummation of each song. “…When we practice we surrender ourselves to the energy and our instruments become extensions of our bodies…Nobody gets butt-hurt or offended…” – This band gets up close and personal.

Hungry for pizza, beer, and more shows to perform, you can catch Antistar around Minnesota and Wisconsin – no border battle here “…we’re not a sports team.” Veterans of 93X Rising Rockers has helped the band jump right in to the local music scene in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Antistar will be opening for Sponge at Turtle Lake Casino on April 23 (by the way, it’s a FREE show) and they will also be playing an outdoor gig for Clear Lake days on June 26. With a few other shows in the works, the boys will be back playing in Minneapolis soon.

Can’t wait for a show? Check out their website to stream their music.

Their first EP is being produced by Rich Zasada (drummer for Whither The Tide, Skywind and Zero). They are just finishing up pre-production at Zasada’s studio (Studio Z) in downtown St.Paul. Drum tracks will be laid soon at Pacific Underground Recordings. In the end, the 6-song EP should be ready for a drop in 2015.