VIA is a down and dirty heavy rock band that came together in April of 2013. With influences of Third Eye Blind, Failure, Black Stone Cherry and Bill Withers. VIA plays a little bit of everything stating that “music has no limitations”. While putting together their live performances they asked their fans how they should shake their stuff. The answer fell nothing short of unforgettable moments, high energy, and “absolute debauchery”.

Where do you hail from?
Minneapolis/St. Paul

What brought you all together to form “VIA”?
Dreams and goals of making music a career

How long have you been together as a band?
Since April of 2013

How did you come up with the band name?
On accident, actually. Band names are stupid and it was short and sweet. At the time when it was first thought up in late 2011, no one else via a via google search came up! We turned it into an acronym standing for “vulgar inconsiderate assholes”, it all stemmed from non-pussyfooting rock… 

Can you name your biggest musical influences?
Jay – Third Eye Blind
Erid – Failure
Ben – Black Stone Cherry
Sam – Bill Withers

Have you been able to record? Where?
Yes, with Bryan Mengy and Colt Leeb at Wild Sound Studio / Northwoods Recording Studio

Where do you normally perform or tour?
Mainly the Midwest. We opened for a sold out Buckcherry back in August at Mill City Nights. 

How did you get such a big social media following?
We interact with as many fans as possible and try our best to follow back each and every person we can. Everyone deserves to be heard, just like we want to be.

Any memorable experiences as a band that come to mind?
A high for us is a tie between opening for Buckcherry to a sold out Mill City Nights and probably also the Rawkzilla Grand Finals