Vandals Damage Man’s Nativity Scene

Two years ago, an Ohio man named Jasen Dixon was been ordered by county officials to dismantle his Christmas nativity scene.  That’s when, Sycamore Township officials blamed a permit issue, When Dixon didn’t comply, they fined him. When they fined him, he started a Kickstarter to pay for the fines.

Last year, Dixon went the extra step and got the permit, but it was DENIED because it violated zoning codes. Dixon said it doesn’t, since it’s not big enough to require a permit.

He contended that it has more to do with the content of the Nativity scene…

Not because the scene is too religious…

But because it’s made up entirely of zombies.

This year, the city has not caused him any headaches, just some vandals who damaged his scene.

Can’t this guy ever catch a break??

– Ross