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Mookie Betts Hit Reporter With Cork

Mookie Betts Hit Reporter With Cork

Photo Credit: Twitter- @robwright11

The Boston Red Sox seem to always be in the MLB playoffs every year so you think that the players would be experienced with popping champagne bottles. Mookie Betts is a veteran in the clubhouse with celebrating, but on Tuesday when they beat the New York Yankees he hit a reporter with a champagne cork! NESN reporter Guerin Austin was interviewing J.D. Martinez and Betts when Betts popped the cork and it hit Austin in the neck. Guerin Austin was a good sport about the ordeal and thought it was hilarious.

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In a bonus video, here’s the Red Sox trolling the New York Yankees after they beat them Tuesday in the Bronx to advance in the MLB playoffs. You need to turn on your sound to hear the trolling, because while they were celebrating they were playing “New York, New York”.  If you didn’t see earlier in the series, Aaron Judge played the song on a portable speaker as he passed the Red Sox locker room when the Yankees won game 2 in Fenway.