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It’s the 20th Anniversary of HAMS!

It’s the 20th Anniversary of HAMS!

On February 10, 1999, a union was made that no one has been able to break up since.

That was the day, that a young radio host named Nick Born, was paired up with a younger producer by the name of Josh Bitney.  Little did they know, that first meeting would grow into a relationship, both personally and professionally, that would go strong for another two decades.

That’s right, Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the Half-Assed Morning Show. And through all that time, even though a few things have changed… Like buildings, interns, co-hosts, and station management, a few things remained the same… Their bond to each other, and the lack of respect from the station management. Congratulations guys! Here’s to 20 more…. Who are we kidding; we’re all getting fired before that happens.

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