Sabres Kyle Okposo Knocked Out With One Punch

Photo Credit: YouTube- SPORTSNET

The New York Rangers were playing the Buffalo Sabres on Friday night and with 8 minutes gone in the third period, Rangers Tony DeAngelo wasn’t happy with a hit Sabres Kyle Okposo laid on one of his teammates. They agreed to throw hands and DeAngelo caught Okposo with his first punch on his chin and it knocked him down to the ice quickly. This fight scared a lot of people because if you can’t recall, in 2017 Kyle Okposo was sent to neurosurgical ICU with complications caused by a concussion he suffered in practice and it nearly ended his career. The concussions didn’t stop there; unfortunately he suffered another concussion less than a year ago in March last season. DeAngelo must’ve known about this because even in the heat of the moment he grabbed Okoposo’s sweater to stop the fall. Kyle Okposo never returned to the game after the fight and wasn’t available to talk with reporters after the game.