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Let Me Introduce You To The Salmon Cannon

Let Me Introduce You To The Salmon Cannon

Photo Credit: Twitter-@cheddar

Twitter was obsessed over the weekend with a device that shoots fish over hydroelectric dams that block migratory paths of salmon. In the video posted to Twitter you can see people putting fish into the “Salmon Cannon” which is a flexible, pressurized tube that shoots the fish into another body of water. The contraption is actually more than meets the eye. The fish swim in, are scanned, photographed and then sorted into an appropriate tube. It increases the pressure behind the fish, creates a seal and propels it forward through the frictionless tube at a speed of 25 feet per second! It can transport 40 fish of any size per minute, which is about 57,600 fish per day.

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Back in 2014, John Oliver was talking about the Whooosh Salmon Cannon and made a skit out of it too