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World’s Chillest Man Ignores Armed Robber

World’s Chillest Man Ignores Armed Robber

Photo Credit: Facebook John Kimack

When an armed robber, bearing a modified gun, stepped into a St. Louis bar, the workers, and most of the customers hit the deck.  I say most… I mean all, but one.  One, unidentified man never put down his drink, or showed any fear at all.  Even when the robber was cleaning out the register, and waving the barrel of the gun in the man’s face, all he did was light up a new cigarette.  Then, the armed man went through every customer, emptying their pockets, and taking their wallets.  When he was about to rob our hero, he was waved away… Like you would an overly aggressive mall kiosk worker trying to sell you a phone case.  The thief left with all the money in the register, and all the customers’ wallets… Except for one.

Apparently, the thief was so impressed with our hero’s chill under pressure, he just left him alone.

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