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Beer Cup Snake At Wrigley Field

Beer Cup Snake At Wrigley Field

Photo Credit: Facebook- ESPN

Chicago Cubs fans in the bleacher section were watching their team beat the Mariners and must’ve gotten bored because they had fun with the old beer cups. The fans put their empty beer cups together to make a giant snake that went up to the top of the stands! The creators of the snake constantly keep moving it because of security at Wrigley Field trying to take the cups. The beer cup snakes have been an issue in the past and right now Barstool Chicago is getting heat from the team for selling t-shirts for $20 that say, “come and take it”.


Here’s what the Barstool Chicago shirts look like

Some say cup snakes are fueling the team! Don’t risk cooling them down, BUY A SHIRT — https://t.co/C4S9Komp7S pic.twitter.com/lbUhoY5YBl

— Barstool Chicago (@barstoolchicago) July 15, 2019

Here are a couple of videos of Wrigley Field security running in to take the cups in the stands