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NOV 8 • Powerman 5000

NOV 8 • Powerman 5000

93X presents The Days of Disorder Tour 2019 featuring Powerman 5000, (hed)p.e., Adema and Blacklist Regulars!

November 8
St. Croix Casino (Turtle Lake)

Doors: 7pm

  • POWERMAN 5000 began soon after founder and frontman Spider One dropped out of the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. “I loved painting,” Spider recalls, “but I figured I could do that when I was 80. I was spending all my time in the clubs of Boston, like the Rat and the Channel. I was watching all of these great local bands and I wanted to be a part of that scene! So I dropped out of school without a clue but was determined to start a band.”

    After years of false starts and various incarnations, POWERMAN 5000 eventually released its first EP, TRUE FORCE, in 1994, which quickly became a Boston rock favorite, catapulting the band to the top of the local scene. “We were very different than everyone else. At the time Grunge was exploding, and all the other bands were chasing that sound,” Spider explains. “We had no interest. We were smashing together a bizarre mix of Rap, Punk and Metal. We worked hard and killed it live and people noticed.”

    In 1996, PM5K followed up with their first full-length album, THE BLOOD SPLAT RATING SYSTEM. That album, along with the band’s growing fan base and infamous live show, led to a major label deal with Dreamworks Records. Dreamworks released an extended and remixed version of THE BLOOD SPLAT RATING SYSTEM, now titled MEGA! KUNG FU RADIO. The record went on to expand POWERMAN’s following to a national level and allowed them the opportunity to tour with rock heavy weights such as KORN, MARILYN MANSON and KISS, as well a slot on the first ever OZZFEST.

    After a year of non-stop touring, POWERMAN 5000 returned to the studio to record what would be the album to blast the band to a new level of success. 1999s science fiction opus, TONIGHT THE STARS REVOLT!, would go on to sell two-million copies and turn the band into MTV regulars and rock radio mainstays. Sold out headlining tours followed, along with sharing stages with the likes of METALLICA, PANTERA, KID ROCK and others. “TONIGHT THE STARS REVOLT! changed everything,” Spider recalls. “We went from being this weird little band with a cult following to being this weird little band in rotation on MTV alongside CHRISTINA AGUILERA. It was all very strange.”

    Band members and label changes followed over the years. 2001’s ANYONE FOR DOOMSDAY was shelved for what would become 2003’s TRANSFORM (the final record for Dreamworks Records). “When Dreamworks went under and we were without a label, it was a difficult time,” Spider says. “Back then a record deal was very important and pretty much the only way to have major success. I won’t lie. For a moment, I thought that was it, but I didn’t want to stop and was determined to not give up.”

    After the dust settled, a stronger, more DIY, POWERMAN 5000 came back swinging with the punk influenced DESTROY WHAT YOU ENJOY (2006), the very spacey SOMEWHERE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE (2009), a collection of cover tunes called COPIES, CLONES AND REPLICANTS (2011) and perhaps their strongest release to date BUILDERS OF THE FUTURE (2014).

    As Powerman 5000 prepare to release their latest onslaught, NEW WAVE, coming in fall of 2017 on Pavement Entertainment, Spider sums it up this way, “After all these years, I feel like the band gets better with every record and tour. I’ve never lost the enthusiasm that I had from those early days and always want to treat each new album as if it’s our first. I’m not interested in the past, just creating the future. A big, loud, crazy future!”

  • Originally based in Huntington Beach, CA, (Hed) p.e. was founded in 1994 by frontman Jahred, whose goal was to fuse the region’s long-standing punk rock heritage with G-funk-inflected hip-hop. He was shortly joined by bassist Mark who has remained alongside the band until present day. The line up is currently rounded out by guitarist Jaxon and drummer Trauma.

    (Hed)p.e was snatched up by Jive Records early in its career, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 when they released the album “broke” that they received mainstream success. It was this album that solidified them as a mainstay in the rock and metal community.

    (Hed)p.e. released its third album “Blackout” in 2003 which continues to be their most successful album to date. The group is infamous for changing the image and style of the band and music from release to release. Infusing moments of punk, metal, rap, reggae, and rock into their very eclectic yet precise sound.

    Many have asked what the name (Hed) p.e. means and stands for. According to vocalist Jahred, “The name (Hed) p.e. is a name I came up with which basically means our consciousness is connected to the planet and the planet is evolving, therefore, we as her children, evolve with her. The “p.e.” originally was defined as PLANETARY EVOLUTION, and sometimes morphs to PLANET EARTH and back, but both carry the same message, the (Hed) is the symbol for consciousness. WE ARE ON THE MOTHERSHIP!”

    Despite many bands and peers from their genre, (Hed)p.e. has never taken a break from releasing albums and touring, which has enabled them to survive and meet with very strong independent success over the years. As a member that has been with the band from inception, bassist Mark attributes this to a passion for music and for playing in (Hed)p.e. for over 2 decades. “I moved from NewCastle England to pursue music in the United States and have never looked back.” says Mark. “Our goal is to be a band that can connect with fans for decades to come, much like bands like the Rolling Stones have been able to do for over four generations of music.”

    Staying true to the (Hed)p.e. standard of change and growth both personally and musically, the new album “Evolution” takes the band back to their metal and underground roots they grew up on as kids. With tracks like “One More Body” and “No Tomorrow” holding down the metal and aggressive front, to the Led Zeppelin infused track “2 Many Games”, this album delivers every style imaginable and even rounds the album out with three reggae inspired/infused album closers.

    In a time when so many bands are playing it safe and going through the motions, whether it be out of fear of failure or lack of new ideas, (Hed)p.e. embraces change and “Evolves” with their greatest work to date.

  • Adema is a five-piece, rock band from Bakersfield, California consisting of lead singer Mark Chavez, guitarist Tim Fluckey, guitarist Mike Ransom, bassist Dave DeRoo, and drummer Kris Kohls. 

    After their first two albums, Adema and Unstable, Mike Ransom left the band in 2003 followed by Chavez later in 2004 due to conflicts between themselves and other members of the band. Luke Caraccioli replaced Chavez in early 2005 for one album, Planets, but then left a few months later in late 2005. In 2006, Adema announced that Bobby Reeves, lead singer of the band LEVEL, was hired to replace Caraccioli. A few months later Ed Faris of the same band was hired to replace Mike Ransom on rhythm guitar. This lineup was short lived as well and only released one album, Kill the Headlights. 

    In 2007, the remaining original band members were back on good terms with Chavez and Ransom as they “flirted” with the idea of bringing back the original line up. It wasn’t until August 13, 2009, that the original line up was reunited, and Bobby Reeves and Ed Faris agreed to leave the band. Recently Mark Chavez announced that Adema will be more active in 2010 starting with news about two reunion shows in January, a DVD containing live shows performed by the band and never before seen footage, the release of a B-sides record, a tour, and the release of a new album. Since this statement, right before the 2011 Tour Mark Chavez departed the band. Long time guitarist Tim Fluckey has taken over vocal duties. In March 2017 Mark Chavez has since returned to the line up.

    The band has sold over 1.5 million units worldwide, has 7 music videos, and 4 studio albums.
  • “Blacklist Regulars are an in your face rock band with an international twist”

    The band is a combined force of a vocalist from Ireland backed by a band from Venezuela. A lack of music opportunities and a corrupt political climate led the members to leave their respective countries. They all came to Chicago looking for like-minded musicians and joined together to pursue their common goal of touring the USA playing authentic rock music.

    Screaming guitar lines from Arturo Banus with the tight rhythm section of the brothers Tomas and Alejandro Zabala provide a foundation for Luke Keating’s Alice in Chains inspired vocals. The band provides a modern twist of the hard rock genre with a nod to bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots.

    Tackling the difficult realities of life, Blacklist Regulars’ tracks open up to the world of despair, addiction, worldly struggles and resilience, cultivating a sense of attachment through their music, story, and culture.

    Their debut record ‘Through the Blast’ is out now on Pavement Entertainment.

Venue: St. Croix Casino (Turtle Lake)
777 US-8
Turtle Lake, WI 54889
Phone: (715) 986-4777