Join Josh, Nick and Ali for the Third Annual 93X Average Joe Car Show on Saturday, June 18 from 1pm - 4pm at the Myth parking lot.

The Half-Assed Morning Show is once again assembling the largest collection of regular-guy, everyday vehicles of the Brotherhood.

SHOW OFF the fast-food grease stains. SHARE the ambiance of decades of flatulence. And BRAG about how your day-to-day vehicle goes from 0 to 60... occasionally.

Classics, supercars, and motorcycles are welcome too.... but this event specifically pays respect to the rusted 1987 Dodge Grand Caravan that (barely) makes it to work and back each day.

Prizes will be awarded for the "Best Bike" and also the overall "Best in Show"

The registration period is closed! We'll be in contact with you if your vehicle is selected. See you all on Saturday at the Average Joe Car Show from 1pm - 4pm.