Veterans Skydive For Life

Veterans Skydive For Life

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Veterans Skydive For Life is about bringing awareness to the number of Veteran suicides everyday and what we hope to do to prevent as many as we can in the future.

In 2016 I made a trip after hearing of the suicide of two of my friends Steve and Frank. I went just shy of 10,000 miles and this was to clear my head. I made a similar trip in 2018. I drove just over 20,000 miles visited drop zones from the West Coast to the East Coast. I met with hundreds of Veterans and spoke with so many more about the organization.

Veteran suicide was at 22 per day in 2016 and is currently at 20. The hope is the number continues to decrease. The men and women that served, still serving this county and those that will serve need to know they have people that care, happy to listen and help. Our way of doing this is through the sport of Skydiving the atmosphere of the drop zone and the willingness to listen.

When I left on the ride in 2018 I wrapped the ride around the #20. I wanted to reach 20,000 miles, meet with and jump with 20 Veterans, and have our Facebook page reach 20,000 followers. I went just over the 20,000 miles and met with far more than 20 Veterans. We have a long way to get to 20,000 followers on Facebook but have no doubt we can obtain that goal. Please do what you can to share the Facebook page.

We have shirts for sale and ALL money will be used to put on our skydiving event. If you don’t have one and would like one please email us at to place your order. On the shirt you will find the words “LOVING LIFE” This is something that I try to tell myself as often as possible. Especially during the hard times life brings us all. We have all loved our life at one time or another. Our hope is we can help as many Veterans say they are LOVING LIFE again. We need your help! These men and women need know there are avenues other than suicide and we can provide them that avenue.

– Jim Osterman