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Sammy Hagar Now in ‘Middle of a Writing Spree’

Sammy Hagar Now in ‘Middle of a Writing Spree’

Photo Credit: RKH Images (RKH-Images.com)

While Sammy Hagar stayed busy during the pandemic, even he had issues completing projects.

Talking with Ultimate Classic Rock, Hagar said that he hit a point where it was hard to write about things that weren’t negative.

“I don’t write about negative things. I have the hardest time sitting around and going, ‘Hey, I wanna kill myself; I wanna jump off a bridge,’ pointing fingers or being too much of a protesting rebel,” said Hagar. “‘I Can’t Drive 55’ is my biggest protest song. So that’s the kind of protester I am.”

Now, Hagar is feeling refreshed and said, “I’m in the middle of a writing spree right now. I’ve got five new songs that I’ve written recently, and I’m singing a demo for another one.”