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Get Registered for the Nearly Naked Ruck March on September 11th

Get Registered for the Nearly Naked Ruck March on September 11th

The Nearly Naked Ruck March Twin Cities raises money to fund 23rd Veteran’s 14-week mental health program (23V Recon) which helps to free local veterans from a life of isolations, anxiety, panic, and depression. This year’s race will take place in Downtown Anoka on Saturday, September 11th with check-in beginning at 11am.

Participants are encouraged to sign up and show up on ruck march day ready to hike 10 miles with heavily-weighted backpacks. Ruckers carry weight on their backs to represent the weight many service members carry in the battle against trauma.

The event is not only a fundraising opportunity, but also a way for civilians to experience the weight and stress our veterans face on a daily basis.

Proceeds from this event support 23rd Veteran exclusive positive reconditioning program – 23V Recon. The money raised supports our veterans right here in the Twin Cities.

Registration is now open!

What’s 23V Recon? It’s a unique 14-week full-exposure and holistic approach to removing the negative effects of trauma. Based on self-reported data, this is one of the most effective programs developed for military and veterans who’ve experienced trauma. 100% of graduates have reported living a happier and higher quality of life. Many graduates have returned to the workforce, healthier family lives, and stronger contributors to their community.