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Notable New Releases – August 12, 2022

Notable New Releases – August 12, 2022

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After becoming a full time dad during the pandemic with touring coming to a halt, Tim Barry wrote the songs for Spring Hill which deliver more of the honest songs of traveling the country and of socio-political awareness.

A member of our 93X staff has it on good authority that the gritty folk punk of Live 2018 by Tim Barry (also the singer for Virginia punk rockers, Avail) is surprisingly popular amongst soldiers in Northern Ireland.

StreamChunksaah Records • 2022


Celebrating 30 years as a band, Japanese experimental rock group Boris are releasing their second album of the year. Following the release of W in January, Heavy Rocks is the 28th album in their oeuvre.

StreamRelapse • 2022


Vibrating, the new album from Collective Soul, is the band’s 11th studio album.

Regarding the band’s latest offering, lead singer Ed Roland says:

I think we’re on a roll. We’re not afraid to stretch the boundaries, but we do know how to stay in our lane when we need to. Sometimes, though, we just have to go faster. Our fans have been waiting for VIBRATING for almost three years now, and I can’t wait for them to hear it. They’re excited because both SEE WHAT YOU STARTED and BLOOD set such a high standard for where we’re going as a band, and it’s only going to continue getting better with VIBRATING. I really do believe that.

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Chaos In Bloom is Goo Goo Dolls‘ first new album of original tunes since 2019’s Miracle Pill.

Lead singer John Rzeznik told Spin in 2021 that for Chaos In Bloom (which he produced): “I just wanted to blow out the walls of everything that I’ve done and really experiment a lot. I made this record for us and for my own satisfaction in a weird way…and I made it for our fans.”

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Hollywood Undead‘s eighth album, Hotel Kalifornia represents (according to their press release) “a juxtaposition between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’, highlighting the ongoing homelessness and cost of living crisis that is affecting the band’s home state of California”.

StreamBMG • 2022


Deathrattle Sing for Me, Norma Jean‘s first new album since 2019, draws inspiration from albums such as Dirt by Alice in Chains and White Zombie‘s La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1.

StreamSolid State • 2022

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