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Dad Fights 69 + 29: Legendary Female Athletes Quiz

Dad Fights 69 + 29: Legendary Female Athletes Quiz

Final Score: Randy 5 – Brad 4


  1. This two-time World Cup champion scored 158 goals in her US career and has a last name that might make you hungry for a sandwich.
  2. You may have seen this gold medalist doing commercials for Subway recently, in fact her height if measured in footlong Subway subs would be just over 4-and-a-half subs at 4-foot 8-inches tall.
  3. Brad had a front row seat at Target Center for some of this athlete’s best performances where she would perform at halftime on a unicycle while balancing bowls on her head.
  4. This “Ninth Wonder of the World” is the only woman to ever hold the WWE Intercontinental Championship but you pervs probably know her because she posed in Playboy.
  5. Josh’s softball-loving daughter had a poster on her wall growing up of this gold medalist pitcher.
  6. Before winning gold medals and World Cups, you could have traveled down 35W and saw her train at Buck Hill in Burnsville.
  7. This speedster was a pioneer for women in her sport and you could always tell it was her when you turned on TV and saw her recognizable GoDaddy car.
  8. This gold medal athlete literally did a front flip off the mound recently after throwing out the first pitch in front of her hometown fans at Target Field.
  9. Some folks say this two-time NCAA champion and gold medalist was even better than her little brother who was also pretty good at hoops himself.
  10. This tennis legend won 39 major titles in her career, or 40 if you count her victory over Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes.


  1. Minnesota Gopher and Lynx legend Lindsay Whalen grew up in what Minnesota town?


  1. Mia Hamm – Mia is married to former shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. The two have three children together and I am sure there is no pressure there for them to be great athletes.
  2. Simone Biles – She was a natural gymnast from the start. She taught herself how to do backflips off mailboxes at five years old.
  3. Red Panda – She started doing NBA games in 1993 on Thanksgiving Day after an act canceled at the last minute. In 2018 her unicycle got stolen and she had to make one using spare parts. After hearing the story the Golden State Warriors bought her a new one.
  4. Chyna – She was also the first ever woman to compete in the Royal Rumble back before they had a separate Rumble for women.
  5. Jennie Finch – Time Magazine called her the most famous softball player in history. She retired in 2010 but still pops up on ESPN to do commentary during the college softball World Series.
  6. Lindsey Vonn – She was already on skis at the age of two. Her family moved from Burnsville to Colorado in the early 90s so she could concentrate on skiing.
  7. Danica Patrick – Danica was in the news recently when she told a story about her and then-boyfriend doing a bunch of drugs down in Peru.
  8. Suni Lee – She is now competing at Auburn and also appeared on Dancing With the Stars after the 2020 Olympics and finished 5th.
  9. Cheryl Miller – This even came up in an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine kept referring to Reggie Miller as “Cheryl’s younger brother.”
  10. Billie Jean King – The match was held at the Astrodome in 1973 and was viewed by more than 50 million people in the US alone.


  1. Hutchinson

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