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Dad Fights 105: Fictional British Pop Culture Characters – Ryan vs Shaver

Dad Fights 105: Fictional British Pop Culture Characters – Ryan vs Shaver

Ryan Shaver: 6 – Randy Shaver: 1


  1. This bear was originally from Peru, but he is most known because of his home from England where has a blue jacket and a red hat.
  2. James Bond is a legendary pop culture figure out of the UK and everyone is speculating as to who will play him next, but what actor played him first?
  3. Everybody knew someone in the 90s and 2000s that always insisted on doing an impression of this movie character that was a James Bond parody.
  4. He never got to meet his parents Lily and James and spent his early life in a closet under the stairs but he turned out to be a hell of an important wizard.
  5. This video game series which was later turned a film series, stars a highly intelligent and athletic British archaeologist named Lara Croft
  6. This title character had his own TV show and a couple movies after Rowan Atkinson created the gimmick when he was in college
  7. AFC Richmond is the team that Jason Sudeki’s character is tasked with coaching in this hit show on Apple TV
  8. Sherlock may be the one that gets all the fame and attention, but he couldn’t do it without this faithful sidekick.
  9. The Griswolds head to Europe in the sequel to Vacation, and at one point Clark gets caught in a round-a-bout and continually points out what well-known landmark in London?
  10. Simon Pegg plays the title character in this popular horror comedy about a zombie apocalypse in England
  11. TIEBREAKER! Keep your eyes peeled to the sky if you need help with misbehaving kids because this nanny might come floating down with an umbrella to help


  1. Paddington – The movie Paddington 2 has the highest ever rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is the best rated movie of all time.
  2. Sean Connery – The internet blew up recently when it was announced that the classic game Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 will be released online soon.
  3. Austin Powers – The fourth film keeps getting pitched but there is no word yet on if Mike Meyers gets around to wanting to do it.
  4. Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffie, who played Potter in the movies said that he moved onto a bigger life after being Harry.
  5. Tomb Raider – In the 1990s there were always rumors about a alleged “Nude Raider” code where Lara would be naked, but much to the dismay of horny gamers everywhere, the rumors were not true.
  6. Mr Bean – Bean is a Brit, but he is beloved worldwide. The original show has aired in over 190 countries.
  7. Ted Lasso- Although a totally fictional team, you can now buy all sorts of AFC Richmond merchandise and even play as them in the newest version of FIFA.
  8. Watson – Plenty of actors have portrayed Watson, but most recently it was Jude Law who starred alongside Robert Downey Junior
  9. Big Ben – The creator of the series John Hughes said the studio was begging him to do a sequel but he refused but gave them the go-ahead to do it without him. He would later return for the third film Christmas Vacation
  10. Shaun of the Dead – Before landing on the title Shaun of the Dead, the movie was called Tea Time of the Dead.
  11. TIEBREAKER: Mary Poppins