Nominate a Community Hero

Nominate a Community Hero

COVID-19 has negatively affected businesses and people across the globe, including right here in our community. Although much is uncertain, one thing remains clear. Minnesotans can and will rise above.

93X and Fleet Farm would like to highlight individuals choosing positivity, extending generosity and helping others when the need is at an all-time high!

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Meet Our Community Heroes

Brianne Wagner

Hudson, WI /  Nominated by Mark Wagner
Brianne is a nurse at Minnesota Gastroenterology clinic in Woodbury. When this outbreak started she took a furlough from her job to take an 8 week position in the epicenter of this outbreak in New York City. She left her family, home, and job to selflessly help where it was needed most. She is the bravest person I know.

Julie Hebb

Sturgeon Lake /  Nominated by Amber Ketchmark
Ms. Hebb is a third grade teacher at Willow River School. Not only has she done an excellent job (as all teachers did) at preparing 8+ weeks of distance learning materials in an insanely short time. She has gone above and beyond with things like mailing each kid a ‘flat teacher’ to take fun photos and videos with, she sent personalized gifts to her students (jigsaw puzzles of the class photo), and ensuring she has morning meetings with the class every day. There has never been a question about Ms. Hebb’s commitment to her students, however she deserves to be recognized for continuing to go above and beyond without missing a beat. Her students love her.

Angie McNamee

Apple Valley /  Nominated by Julie Neisius
Angie is a mother of 3 young kids and a wife to her husband Ryan. She is an RN at Children’s Hospital in the Cardiovascular ICU. She recently took a leave of absence at Children’s and said goodbye to her family here in MN so she could help fight against COVID-19  in New York City where she is using her Cardiovascular ICU skills and knowledge. She is a HERO wearing her invisible pink cape!

Stefanie Youngberg

Askov, MN /  Nominated by Katie Storebo
Stefanie is the principal at my 3 daughters school. She has been the most amazing person during this time of distance learning with our girls. She calls, text or zooms with them daily. She asked them what their favorite snacks were and personally delivered them to our home. She truly cares about our girls and all of her students so much! She deserves some awesome recognition for her hard work and dedication to all of the kids in the school.

Lee Decker

Forest Lake / Nominated by Jason Decker
Lee Is the respiratory care supervisor at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. He works over 60 hours every week making sure his staff are prepared and safe. He attends countless meetings, educates staff, and is responsible for acquiring the necessary supplies such as ventilators and PPE. His leadership and knowledge enables him to provide the community with optimal care. His tireless efforts save lives.

Lori Harper

Bloomington / Nominated by Brian Harper
Lori is a wonderful wife, mother and Registered Nurse at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

During this pandemic, Lori answered the call and headed to New York to work in the E.D. at a hospital in Brooklyn. 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week doesn’t even begin to describe the work. Everyday she must don her full PPE.

It’s such a crazy environment that nurses, aids and even doctors will just pass out while working. It’s so hot; you have to leave the dept. and disrobe just to get a drink of water. Then you have to put it all back on again. She has committed to being out there for 3 months, away from her family and friends, in order to help during this time.

Mary Bruno

Saint Cloud
When quarantine life began, Mary Bruno started hosting a small livestream called “Quarantine Storytime” in which she read kids books to local kids.

Her daily interactive shows mix child appropriate comedy and lessons of equality & acceptance and have since spread nationally to reach thousands of quarantined children who tune in every day for a chance to interact with “Ms. Mary”. She receives book donations for reading options and uses these means as a way to interact with viewers in an inclusive way.

She is an ambassador of the Minnesota lifestyle which wholeheartedly supports their community through troubled times. She doesn’t do this for recognition. She does it because its the best way she knows to help people in their time of need.

Susie Fudally

Linwood Township / Nominated by Adam Smith
Susie makes masks for the community and leaves them at the end of her driveway for free with just one request: only take what you need. It’s a small act but shows a selfless mentality that is refreshing.

Joe Bukowski

St. Paul / Nominated by friend, Aaron Cox
On day one of quarantine, my friend (and unemployed service industry worker/St. Paul community advocate) Joe Bukowski created a website that centralized so many of the resources I’ve found helpful in dealing with quarantine and social distancing. Through the Socially Distant Social Club website, I’ve been able to connect with friends for livestream performances of some pretty cool bands. I’ve even found resources and activities for my kids to stay engaged and learning; and created a home-based fitness routine by connecting daily with donation based personal trainers live. This dude doesn’t even have a job, and he spends his time digging through the internet to provide strangers useful information, activities, and links.

With all the information that seems so sporadic and listed everywhere, it can be a challenge to find resources that are vetted and of a certain quality – that’s why I really appreciate that this website came to be. Not only does it provide an easy way for me and my family to find new resources – it’s a cool platform for other out of work trainers and musicians to connect with people and support themselves.

That’s why I’d like to nominate my guy Joe, the website has become a super important resource for a lot of people, myself and my family included.

Ryan Wolcenski & Chad Kreuser

Elk River
Ryan Wolcenski is a father, husband, full time welder, paid on call firefighter and EMT. He is selflessly donating a kidney to his fellow firefighter and EMT, Chad Kreuser. Chad Kreuser is a father, husband, full-time teacher, paid on call firefighter (third generation) and EMT.

They are both working hard every day to provide for their families and keep our community safe.

For more on their inspirational story:

Melissa Lewis

(Nominated by her husband, Chris Lewis) My wife, Melissa, who is a mother of 5 (2 with special needs), works full time as a flight nurse for North Air, and volunteers as a firefighter for the Lakeville fire department, where we met. Two weeks ago she found out she was going to be furloughed by North Air the following Monday. So, she applied for and took a job for an 8-week stint in a hospital in New Jersey, working in an ICU unit that had to double their normal number of beds all to care for infected Covid patients. She left for New Jersey that same Monday she was furloughed and started her first shift that Wednesday, April 15 (which also happens to be her birthday). She’s away from our kids and working in a horrific nightmare of a situation, seeing things that we can’t even imagine here. Luckily, we live in an age with things like FaceTime so she can see the kids every day and we have lots of support here and online as well. I’m very proud of her and hopeful this 8 weeks goes quickly and that she comes home healthy.

Brandon Goley

Monticello / Nominated by Katelyn Redberg 
Brandon is an EMT on a critical care ambulance and has been essential in caring for critical patients, including COVID-19 patients. Brandon has also recently ran a fundraiser for a coworker who is currently out on leave for a new cancer diagnosis.

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If you know someone on the frontline: a doctor, nurse, police officer, firefighter, grocery store employee, janitor, teacher, delivery driver, etc… or even someone who is going above and beyond for their community – we want to hear about them and highlight their story on the our website and on our Facebook page!