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Lyndsey Marie

Lyndsey Marie

    Weekdays • 9am – 2pm

    Weekdays • 9am - 2pm

    Lyndsey Marie

    Weekdays • 9am – 2pm
    • All-time favorite bands/artists: Metallica, Rise Against, Local-H, Cage The Elephant, Royal Blood, Alice In Chains, Chevelle
    • First concert? Stone Temple Pilots
    • First album you ever purchased? Enema of The State by Blink 182
    • What show or streaming series is a MUST watch? Bob’s Burgers
    • Greatest sports movie of all-time? Goon
    • Describe your first car: 1987 Toyota Camry, blue. That thing ran for years even though I abused it throughout high school and college.
    • What topic(s) would you crush at trivia night? My specialties are song identification, dog and horse breeds, random history tidbits, and useless facts that take up too much space in my brain.
    • Name a board game you are “above average” at playing? I can throw, throw a burrito with the best of them.
    • Favorite meal of the day? Dinner, with burgers on the grill
    • Growing up, whose poster was on your bedroom wall? I had a poster of Fred Durst that stayed up a little too long.

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