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Miller Lite Patio Parties with Pablo

Join Pablo & Miller Lite this Summer on patios around the metro for your chance to win suite tickets to The Black Keys at Target Center on Sept 28th!

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Randy Crashed His Golf Cart

Less than 24 hours after submerging his golf cart in a Rush Creek water hazard, we got the exclusive interview with Randy Shaver, who told us how the whole thing went down, and how we almost lost him for good.


Ross’ Hockey Play-By-Play

11 years ago, Ross did play-by-play for the St. Thomas Tommies hockey team. You might be surprised with how well he did. Unless you talk to Nick…or Randy…or Janel…or basically anyone


Ross’ Nasal Whistle

Ross’ whistling, deviated septum make it difficult to listen to a story Nick was telling this morning. And Ross had NO IDEA what was going on.

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