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Courtney Barnett Tells You How She Really Feels

Courtney Barnett Tells You How She Really Feels

One of the best things about being a music critic with a podcast is being able to ask an artist you’ve written about to confirm or deny opinions and theories you have about their music.

For instance, when I reviewed Courtney’s Barnett latest album Tell Me How You Really Feel, I suggested that her latest songs hint at a certain exhaustion from constant touring and weariness over her growing indie fame. But when I met up with Barnett recently before a large outdoor show in Minneapolis, she didn’t really buy into this take on the record. Though she also didn’t totally dispel it. A fascinating songwriter and powerful live performer, Barnett can be guarded in conversation. But during this podcast, she did manage to shed some light on her creative process and backstage life, as well reveal her ambitions to write a novel someday.

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