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23rd Veteran

23rd Veteran

23rd Veteran assists veterans in their transition into society through our exclusive positive reconditioning program. We help returning veterans live happier and healthier lives.

23rd Veteran aims to offer our program in every state where veterans are in need. We expect our program to drastically improve the negative symptoms of PTSD including depression, substance abuse, homelessness, divorce, and suicide.

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Depression is common among our returning veterans with over 130,000 veteran suicides since 9/11. In 2012, it was estimated that 22 veterans a day commit suicide. 23rd Veteran was created with that shocking statistic in mind.

23rd Veteran is a groundbreaking program working to help veterans adjust back to the civilian world. A nonprofit organization headquartered in Minnesota, 23rd Veteran has created a model which uses brain science, evolutional theory, positive trigger re-association, and positive psychology to assist veterans leaving the military and those who never properly transitioned. We also provide training to businesses and communities who want to create a more positive environment for our returning veterans.