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93X Bracket Brawl: Brotherhood Essentials Bracket

93X Bracket Brawl: Brotherhood Essentials Bracket

Here at 93X we consider ourselves professionals… professionals at arguing about things that really don’t matter that much. That’s why we decided to take to social media to tackle the hard hitting subjects we want answers to… It’s the 93X Bracket Brawl on Facebook.

This month it’s the Brotherhood Essentials Bracket! We’ve randomly seeded 16 essentials in a bracket to find out which Brotherhood Essential reigns supreme!

Get in on the action by checking our Facebook page each day (thru Apr 30) to cast your vote in each match-up. (Check out the Voting Schedule below the bracket image)

updated May 3, 2021

Facebook Voting Schedule

Match # Matchup Voting Date Post Link
Round 1
Match 1 1 vs 16 Mon, Apr 12 View Post
Match 2 8 vs 9 Tue, Apr 13 View Post
Match 3 2 vs 15 Wed, Apr 14 View Post
Match 4 7 vs 10 Thur, Apr 15 View Post
Match 5 4 vs 13 Fri, Apr 16 View Post
Match 6 5 vs 12 Mon, Apr 19 View Post
Match 7 3 vs 14 Tue, Apr 20 View Post
Match 8 6 vs 11 Wed, Apr 21 View Post
Round 2
Match 9 Winner of M1 vs M2 Thur, Apr 22 View Post
Match 10 Winner of M5 vs M6 Fri, Apr 23 View Post
Match 11 Winner of M3 vs M4 Mon, Apr 26 View Post
Match 12 Winner of M7 vs M8 Tue, Apr 27 View Post
Match 13 Winner of M9 vs M11 Wed, Apr 28 View Post
Match 14 Winner of M10 vs M12 Thur, Apr 29 View Post
Match 15 Winner of M13 vs M14 Fri, Apr 30 View Post