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Dad Fights 103 – Monday Edition Quiz

Dad Fights 103 – Monday Edition Quiz

Brad: 4 – Randy: 3


  1. It was a Monday all the way back in 1907 when this individually wrapped chocolate treat made by Hersey was introduced.
  2. While this comic strip may not have debuted on a Monday, this lasagna-loving feline is well-known for hating himself a Monday. 
  3. On a Monday in 1969 in California Diana Ross introduced this young five-person musical act to audiences for the very first time. 
  4. It is kinda fitting this time-wasting website was launched on a Monday to give people a full work week of slacking off while watching videos. 
  5. This iconic cartoon character started small on a Monday in 1903 with just a short comic strip but now the guy has a few of his own worlds across the globe. 
  6. Back on Monday, August 3rd 1936 this famous Olympian won the first of his four gold medals in the Summer Games in Berlin
  7. The first episode of Total Request live on MTV aired on a Monday in 1998 and was hosted by this current member of the NBC Today Show
  8. It was on a Monday in 1959 when this iconic doll line was introduced and sparked generations of young boys to look up her skirt to see if she was anatomically correct. 
  9. This stadium had been around for 112 years before a Monday in August in 1988 when they played their first-ever night game. 
  10. It was Monday, September 4, 1995 when WCW NItro aired for the first time at what shopping mall?
  11. TIEBREAKER: Late-night infomercials changed forever on a Monday in 1977 when this hair-growing “pet” was released


  1. Hershey Kiss
  2. Garfield
  3. Jackson 5
  4. YouTube
  5. Mickey Mouse
  6. Jesse Owens
  7. Carson Daly
  8. Barbie
  9. Wrigley Field
  10. Mall of America
  11. TIEBREAKER: Chia Pet