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Dad Fights 122 – Shocking/Surprising Deaths Quiz

Dad Fights 122 – Shocking/Surprising Deaths Quiz

Randy: 5 – Brad 4


  1. It was shocking when Ned Stark got beheaded in season one of this show, known for dragons and naked chicks. 
  2. Her face was all over the movie posters and she was by far the biggest name in the cast, that’s why it was such a surprise when Drew Barrymore died in the opening scene of this slasher franchise that has a 6th installment coming out next week. 
  3. There was no doubt that a popular character named Glen died when a barbed wire bat made his eyes bulge out of his head on this popular zombie apocalypse show on AMC. 
  4. This movie had one of the more tragic deaths in cinema history when Phil ‘Landfill’ Krundle drowned in a vat of beer. Thankfully his brother Gil ‘Landfill’ Krundle stepped in and took his spot in the team’s beer drinking competition. 
  5. John Travolta was one of the stars of this 1994 movie, which made it all the more surprising when his character Vincent Vega was unceremoniously gunned down after dropping a deuce. 
  6. This buddy cop movie starred two big names in WIll Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, but the shocking death came when two even bigger names – The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson – splattered themselves on the sidewalk after jumping off a building. 
  7. Disney has a weird fascination with killing the parents of main characters in their animated movies, but it was especially heartbreaking when Mufassa was trampled to death in a stampede in this movie. 
  8. His friends would all yell “You’re my boy Blue!” in this 2003 comedy, before Blue tragically died of a heart attack during a KY Jelly wrestling match. 
  9. This show might be the only example in pop culture of someone dying after getting shot by a t-shirt gun at a sporting event, but that was indeed the demise of Maude Flanders, beloved wife of Ned. 
  10. In this Martin Scorcase movie about undercover Boston cops and rats, it looked like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character had saved the day right before his brains were blown out in an elevator. 
  11. TIEBREAKER: There’s never a dry eye in the place when Tom Cruise is in the ocean holding the lifeless body of his wingman Goose in this movie


  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Scream
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. Beerfest
  5. Pulp Fiction
  6. The Other Guys
  7. Lion King
  8. Old School
  9. The Simpsons
  10. The Departed
  11. Top Gun