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Dad Fights 124 – Athletes With Sweet Names Trivia

Dad Fights 124 – Athletes With Sweet Names Trivia

Randy: 4 – Brad: 3


  1. This baseball player with a sweet sounding name once claimed to have sex in the dugout, but might be best known for his 280 home runs as a Met. 
  2. This 2022 NFL Rookie of the Year for the Jets has a name that might have you craving buffalo wings. 
  3. This current New York Islander, and former Wild draft pick, has a last name that sounds like a vulgar slang term that is defined as “a complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation.”
  4. This outfielder started with Cleveland in 2002 and bounced around Major League Baseball, but the one consistent in his career was making people hungry for sugary cereal whenever they heard his name. 
  5. This Canadian goalie played for eight teams between 1987-and-2004 and likely endured plenty of jokes about how his name sounds like a euphemism for masturbating. 
  6. Joe Nathan and Franciscio Liarian were the two biggest gems when the Twins traded AJ Pierzynski to the Giants, but they also got this righty with a sweet name. 
  7. This former Green Bay Packer has a name that might make you smile, but his hardnose style as a safety was no laughing matter. 
  8. Another player with a tasty nickname, he played a year with the Timberwolves in 1996, 10 years after winning the dunk contest at 5-foot-6. 
  9. This former Panthers and 49ers quarterback shares a last name with what a young boy might call his penis. 
  10. This legendary basketball coach started his career in 1973, but got his nickname as a baby because of his fondness for taking baths. 
  11. TIEBREAKER: This 1989 NBA draft pick has a name that could either remind you of a children’s teddy bear or Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo from South Park.


  1. Darryl Strawberry
  2. Sauce Gardner
  3. Cal Clutterbuck
  4. Coco Crisp
  5. Ron Tugnut
  6. Boof Bonser
  7. Ha-Ha Clinton Dix
  8. Spud Webb
  9. Chris Weinke
  10. Tubby Smith
  11. Pooh Richardson