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The Faces of Minnesota Military

The Faces of Minnesota Military

The arrival of summer also marks a time to recognize those who have served and continue to serve our country.

Nominate an active or retired military member. Each week one nominee will be selected and featured on the 93X Half-Assed Morning Show, plus a donation will be made in their name to Folds of Honor.

This year also marks 13 years of partnership between Anheuser-Busch, its brands, and wholesaler partners and Folds of Honor in support of military families and, new this year, first responders.  

To date, Anheuser-Busch, its brands, and wholesaler partners have donated $21.7 million which has contributed to Folds of Honor’s delivery of 44,000 scholarships since the non-profit’s founding. 

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Joseph Irrthum

Joseph Irrthum

Our first featured military member is SFC Joseph Irrthum of the Minnesota National Guard. Joe was nominated by his good friend Kaila.

Kaila writes: “Joe has been a great friend of ours for the last eight years. He will hit his 20th year of service with the Minnesota National Guard in October of this year. Throughout his years of service, he’s had three deployments. He’s always put his soldiers above himself and without a doubt has dedicated himself to the Minnesota National Guard in the United States. Love you, buddy.”

Josh Keener

Josh Keener

Our second featured military member is SFC Josh Keener of the Minnesota National Guard. Josh was nominated by his wife Liz.

Liz writes: “After 20 years in service, Josh is retiring this year from the Army National Guard. He joined when he was still in high school and served 4 deployments during his tenure. He’s proud of his many years of service and the mentorship he’s been able to provide his fellow soldiers. (And he’s a big fan of HAMS!)”

Brad Jamison

Brad Jamison

Our third featured Minnesota military member is Lieutenant Colonel Brad Jamison of the Army Reserve. Brad was nominated by his sister-in-law Laura.

Laura writes: “Brad is in his 29th year of dedication to our great nation. He is a member of the Army Reserves and has served in the United States, Iraq, and South Korea. He is also on the board of Wounded Warrior Hockey, a great group of former and current military veterans. He is an amazing father, brother, and son.”

Nick Locke

Nick Locke

Our fourth featured Minnesota military member is Nick Locke of the United States Army. Nick was nominated by his dad Jon.

Jon writes: “After serving 42 months (3 tours) in Iraq, Nick continues to serve, being involved with Hometown Heroes taking groups of veterans on fishing outings. He’s my hero.”

Nick Rahn

Nick Rahn

Our fifth featured Minnesota military member is Nick Rahn of the United States Air Force. Nick was nominated by his longtime buddy Brent Johnson who also served.

Brent writes: “Nick has worked hard after leaving the military. He has founded the nonprofit Warriors Next Adventure, helping active duty and veterans overcome PTSD through recreational therapy. He is also a motivational speaker through another business he created called Invoke Change LLC.”

Logan Woods

Logan Woods

This week’s Featured Member of the Military is Staff Sergeant Logan Woods of the Army National Guard. Logan was nominated by his sister Alecia. 

Alecia writes: “Logan grew up with values of respect, honor, and service. He knew at a young age that he felt called to serve our country and enlisted in the Army National Guard in the fall of his senior year of high school and then basic training after graduation. He deployed to Afghanistan in August 2020 as part of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. In addition to being a dedicated serviceman, Logan is a loving and devoted son, brother, fiance, and uncle. He’s the coolest tattooed barber and an avid listener of the Half Assed Morning Show.”

Bryce Bjerke

Bryce Bjerke

This week’s Featured Member of the Military is Specialist Bryce Bjerke of the United States Army. Bryce was nominated by his best friend Tony.

Tony writes: “Bryce is an amazing dad and automotive performance shop owner who served 2 terms in Afghanistan and Turkey on the Syrian border. He’s a huge influence in the Minnesota car community and is a daily listener of HAMS.”

Thank you for your service, Bryce!

Rich Lane

This week’s Featured Member of the Military is Retired Sergeant First Class Rich Lane of the National Guard. Rich was nominated by several people, including his wife Janel.

Janel writes: “Rich is a well decorated, retired E7 from the Minnesota National Guard who served for 20 years and was in 3 deployments.  He entered the military later in life than the average soldier and worked hard to become a Platoon Sergeant. Rich has made so many sacrifices to serve his country missing birthdays, holidays and other special family occasions. He mentored and helped motivate soldiers and never hesitates to help his fellow current and former soldiers whenever in need!  He doesn’t go without his own struggles medically and mentally from being deployed but he continuously puts others needs before his own.  His new found passion is fishing and loves to get over the water any chance he gets.  Rich is a valued member of the National Guard and military community and would be honored to be recognized as 93X’s Faces of the Military!”

Thank you for your service, Rich!

Ricky Spencer

This week’s featured Member of the Military is Ricky Spencer who served in both the Army and also the Marines. Ricky was nominated by his good friend, Jeff, aka Jarhead Pipe-Covering Jesus who served with Ricky.

Jeff writes: “Ricky is one of the best people I know. Medically discharged after 17 years in two different branches with an 11 year gap in between the Marines and the Army. He is the definition of loyalty and leadership. A great friend and a true brother.”

Thank you for your service, Ricky!

Shane Tait

This week’s featured military member is Shane Tait who served in the Air Force. Shane was nominated by his brother Greg.

Greg writes: “Shane is the most selfless, hardworking, kind & honorable man I’ve ever known. He’s an incredible father, husband, brother & friend. He’s served our country for many years as an Airman first class with the Air Force, and is still currently with the Department of Defense having been stationed in many countries over the years. Shane’s my hero.”

Thank you for your service, Shane!

Jon Lovald

This week’s featured military member is Jon Lovald who served in the Army. Jon was nominated by his good friend Neal.

Neal writes: “Lieutenant Colonel Jon Lovald is a retired Army officer with deployments to Iraq in 2009-2010 and Kosovo in 2003-2004.  Since his retirement in 2015, Jon continues to serve as a member of the Excelsior Fire Department as well as the Chief Operating Officer for the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV).  MACVs mission is to end Veteran homelessness in MN and Jon has devoted himself in retirement to achieving this mission.  He has helped transform the organization over the past 6 years and is a key member of the Minnesota homelessness team that is poised to achieve the federal standard of “functional zero” for homelessness by 2025.  He is currently the President of the John J Vessey Chapter of the Association of the United States Army and a member of the United Veterans Legislative Council. Also, Jon is just a really good dude.”

Thank you for your service, Jon!