Weezer Releases New Single, Delays New Album

Weezer Releases New Single, Delays New Album

Photo Credit: RKH Images (RKH-Images.com)

Sorry, kids. Weezer’s 14th studio album, Van Weezer, has been delayed indefinitely.

According to the band:

This one is for the stay at home dreamers, the zoom graduators, the sourdough bakers, and the essential workers.


With the good news, comes the bad: unfortunately we’re going to have to delay the release of Van Weezer. As you know, Corona has put a crimp in many well-laid plans. Van Weezer has been no exception. And because we don’t want to give another release date until we’re absolutely sure of it, we’ll just say “stay tuned for more info.”


In the meantime, we’re working hard on getting you all the new Weezer you can handle including music and more surprises getting announced later this week 😉