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Nirvana & Metallica: Re-Imagined

Nirvana & Metallica: Re-Imagined

Photo Credit: RKH Images (RKH-Images.com)

Songs by Nirvana and Metallica have been re-imagined by two musicians in unique ways.

Starting with Nirvana, Steve Welsh has put together a video of himself performing songs off their Nevermind album in the style of Iron MaidenMegadethGreen DayWeezerRed Hot Chili PeppersOzzy OsbourneNOFXReel Big FishPanteraLed Zeppelin and David Bowie.

Then there’s a musician named Kyle Norris who often wonders how certain musicians would sound together, including if Prince were in Metallica. You can find his videos on TikTok.


Replying to @ordinaryboyordinaryname If Prince played for Metallica… 🤘🏼 #guitarist #musician #metallica #prince #heavymetal #metaltok

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