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Glenn Danzig Flick Released On DVD, Blu-ray

Glenn Danzig Flick Released On DVD, Blu-ray

Photo credit: Kyle Hansen of RKH Images

More than two years after it was initially released, the Glenn Danzig movie Death Rider in the House of Vampires has finally made its way to DVD and Blu-ray in time for the holiday season.

The film, which Danzig wrote, directed, executive produced and starred in, follows a character named “Death Rider”, who pays a visit to Count Holliday’s Vampire Sanctuary.

Danzig says the flick is an homage to classic vampire movies and Italian spaghetti westerns.

“I just mixed the two genres. I didn’t think anyone would have done it before. Basically, Death Rider travels to the vampire sanctuary out in the middle of the desert, and then it all goes crazy after that.”

Glenn Danzig

Death Rider In the House of Vampires also starts Danny Trejo, Eli Roth and Devon Sawa.

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